AVD Manager


AVD Manager is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) management software that allows its users to manage AVD configurations. AVD is a device configuration that allows users to model various Android device configurations through an Android emulator.

AVD Manager User Interface features a straightforward design. It opens up to a list of existing Android Virtual Devices that are located on a specified system drive. Android Virtual Devices are listed as to AVD name, Target name, Platform, API Level, and CPU/ABI. On the right panel, there are six buttons that correspond to actions that users may take using the AVD Manager. New is for creating new Android Virtual Devices. Click Edit to manage existing ones. Android virtual devices may fail to load sometimes. Some of them may show as repairable Android Virtual Devices. Users may click the Repair button to repair such. Some may have a red X sign to show that there was an irreparable error. Users may click Details to find out some information regarding the error. Users may also choose to remove the Android Virtual Device by clicking the Delete button. The Start button is for commencing testing of Android Virtual Devices. There is also a Refresh button to update the list of Android Virtual Devices in the AVD Manager. A green check sign on an Android Virtual Device means that it is a valid AVD.