Ubisoft Entertainment (Proprietary)

Avatar is an adventure video game based on the 2009 James Cameron movie of the same name. The game was released the same year as the movie. The game takes place in Pandora, an alien planet in a distant place. Players get the chance to experience the world with a third-person perspective. In the game, the RDA Corporation is looking for rare minerals that can be found in Pandora. The Na’vi, Pandora’s native creatures, do their best to protect Pandora from the RDA Corporation. The player has the choice to side with the RDA Corporation or the Na’vi. The game’s plot is considered the prequel to the movie.  

After choosing a side, players can customize weapons and choose the skills to use for the chosen clan. There are also several vehicles to choose from. Players can create their own characters from scratch. Some of the weapons the player can use include grenade launchers, shotguns, flamethrowers, and rifles. The player must complete missions and kill opposing forces in order to obtain experience points. Having enough experience points levels up the player’s character. Avatar also features a mini-game where the player must obtain territories from the enemy. The experience points can be used to get credits for the mini-game.