avast! Antivirus 11.2.2262

AVAST Software (Freeware)

Avast is antivirus software that protects computers from threats and spyware. It has anti-spyware technology, anti-rootkit, and self-protection capabilities. The application is made up of several modules that can be enabled or disabled. It protects computers with the File System Shield – a real time protection that goes through files when they run on the system. This prevents threats from running on the computer. Avast also has Mail Shield, which tests e-mail messages and attachments for viruses. Other features include scanning of file transfers through instant messengers, scanning of webpages, and protection from network worms.  

Illicit items found in the system are quarantined in the Virus Chest of the application. Users can check the quarantined files and find information about each item by double clicking on the file name. Files stored inside the Virus Chest cannot be run on the computer.

Avast automatically updates the program and the virus database regularly. Users are immediately notified of updates and detected threats through audible alarms. The boot-time scan also allows removal of computer infections upon computer start-up. Remote assistance is also possible with this application. Two users running the application on their computers can connect remotely to sort out any computer issues they might have.