Avant Browser 2016.07

Avant Force (Freeware)

Avant Browser is a free web browser that has three rendering engines (Trident, Webkit, and Gecko). These are the rendering engines used in popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This allows users to switch between engines while browsing different websites. One of the features of this application is Split View. This can be used when multitasking, since different websites can be open at the same time in one window. Avant web browser has a multi-processing design that prevents the entire web browser from crashing when one web page in a tab freezes.

Avant Browser is fully customizable with preloaded skins. The toolbars and navigation controls can also be moved around the window so that the user can position them wherever it’s most convenient. In addition, websites can be viewed in full screen mode or full desktop mode. In full screen mode, only the website is visible on the desktop, while full desktop mode hides all toolbars and buttons except for the windows task bar.

Other features of the application include the following:
Flash animation filter
Multi-document interface
Support for mouse gestures
Private browsing
Download accelerator

The web browser comes with an ad/popup blocker to ensure that popups do not disrupt computer activities. Users can also set filters by adding websites that have popups to the blacklist.