Avadon - The Black Fortress

Spiderweb Software (Proprietary)

Avadon – The Black Fortress is a fantasy role-playing game created by the company, Spiderweb Software. It is the initial installment of the Avalon series and features a single-player mode. The plot of the game centers on a continent called Lynaeus, which is experiencing conflict between two battling groups: The Farlands and the Pact. The Pact consists of five allied nations and the Farlands are made up of various barbarian territories and empires that have died out. The forces of the Pact are bent on protecting their land against potential invaders of conquerors. The main force of the Pact is found in the fortress of Avadon, which houses assassins, spies, and warriors. They are tasked to eliminate anyone anything that will threaten the peace and order of their continent.

The player assumes the role of one of the servants of Avadon, who are led by a powerful leader named Redbeard. There is an evil conspiracy against the Pact and it the player’s job to find out who are behind it and make sure that they are completely destroyed. Since this game is a single-player RPG, the player must choose from among four characters to play: Blademaster, Shaman, Shadowwalker, and Sorceress. Depending on the character class the player chooses, s/he must follow the orders of the leaders of Avadon.