NHNUSA (Freeware)

A.V.A is a free online game developed by REDDUCK and distributed by NHNUSA, a part of the South Korean internet company, NHN Corporation. The game is currently a part of the Aeria Games. A.V.A stands for Alliance of Valiant Arms, a first person shooter game. It highlights the fictional war between the Neo-Russian Federation and European Union. Players have an option to join the EU or the NRF team and defeat the opponent on the battleground.

The game comes with overall enhancements for players. Weapons, skills, armor, and other war essentials are available on the game’s store menu. Enhancements are available by collecting and spending in-game currency. Upgrades such as weapons are affordable and can be converted while new attachments are also offered for players wishing to have an edge.

Several modes with this game provide variety that makes it more enjoyable to play. The Annihilation or Escape mode lets players use the traditional gun-slinging mode. Another mode called Escort will require players to defend a tank and keep it from being destroyed while going to the enemy lines. A.V.A has an easy to use interface and controls. Players can go into solo combat with another opponent or engage in team competitions.