Ava Find 1.5

Think Less Do More Software (Proprietary)

Ava Find is a search tool that is able to find files and documents in the computer. The program features an advanced Scout Bot that performs fast searches on the computer. All recently downloaded files are also automatically displayed eliminating the need to go through folders. The application is capable of finding files, documents, audio, video, and image files. It also has a My Picks section that shows all the files that are recently opened on the computer. Ava Find can create a list of all the files and documents in the computer for printing or for reference.

Additionally, Ava Find can be used as a file management tool. The program can show all the files in the computer so that users can see the folders and files that are taking up the most space in the computer. The Instant Folder Sizes feature display the sizes of the folders, too. This eliminates the need to open the Properties window of each folder to view the volume of its contents.

Ava Find’s main interface shows the different buttons for searching specific files. On the top portion of the window, the buttons that are displayed include Music, Videos, Programs, Downloads, and Show All. There is also a search field where users can type terms. Files are displayed according to rank on the main part of the window.