AV Music Morpher Gold 5.0.57

AVSoft Corp. (VN) (Proprietary)

AV Music Morpher Gold is software designed specifically for audio editing and other disc jockey tasks like re-mixing sounds, adding sound effects, adjusting channels, and applying a variety of available studio effects. Aside from these, it can also function as a converter, CD ripper, and player. It utilizes a significant amount of computer resources and includes a Help file as aid for navigating the application.

AV Music Morpher Gold has a simple and user-friendly interface. The main interface gives the user the ability to access different tools, such as the cover editor, converter, organizer, burner, and grabber.
Its morphing functionality allows the user to change sounds in real time by making changes to the pitch, timbre and tune, speed or tempo, modulation, robot voice, and formant. Here are the other key features of the application:

• Vocal Remover and Extractor – This features allows the user to extract the music or the vocals in any song.
• Converter – This feature allows conversion of MP3 songs to other supported formats.
• CD Creator, CD Ripper, and Editor– This feature allows users to rip audio tracks from a movie or other video files and combine songs.
• Burner - This allows users to burn their output onto CDs and DVDs for easy use on standard players.
• Cover Editor – This feature allows users to create or develop their own CD covers.