AutoTune 2.3.1

AnalogX, LLC (Freeware)

Autotune is an application that is used to tune audio files to come up with uniform frequency response. The program can edit responses of different notes such as base and high notes into one. Through this, users can set the preferred pitch for music or audio files. Aside for equalizing frequencies, the software can be used to remove distortions or unwanted noise. The DC Correct command enables user to edit and remove distortions in music files, which cleans fluctuation caused by unstable power input. Autotune has an easy-to-use interface by simply clicking and dragging audio files into the application, which can also be done with directories. Command buttons are arranged systematically in the program’s interface, which allows users to do different actions offering the best accessibility feature.

In editing audio files, it is important to set the parameter of the program to get the desired results. Configuring the setting of the system is made easy since command processing is done automatically to adjust base for equalizing frequencies. Users have the option to adjust tones manually. The application can also be customized by setting up sample depth and channels. The latest version of Autotune has the capability to run faster since the program is using higher memory system ranging from 6 to 8 megs.