Autodesk, Inc. (Proprietary)

AutoSketch is a program used for creating two-dimensional vector drawings. The program comes with a complete set of CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools that can be used by both beginners and professionals. It can be utilized by students, designers, illustrators, and those who create 2D graphics as a hobby. The program’s work environment is completely customizable, so users have complete control over the interface. In addition, this can also increase the user’s productivity when working on different projects.

Here are the other main features of the AutoSketch program:

• Has DWG file compatibility so users can share their creations and projects with other users
• Support for drag and drop feature that enables users to easily work with items to be imported to the application
• Can be utilized for conceptualizing final products, concepts, and floor plans in details
• Comes with a large selection of items in the content library for ready-made items
• Has powerful drawing tools

AutoSketch also comes with a comprehensive help file and tutorials. These resources can be used in order to learn more about the different features of the application and how to use them when creating projects. Projects created with the application can also be imported to other CAD programs.