AutoScreeRecorder 3.1

Wisdom Software Inc. (Freeware)

AutoScreenRecorder is a program that allows users to record the desktop. It can be used for creating tutorials, demonstrations, and for showing friends the contents of the desktop. The application is capable of recording the desktop in four ways:

• Rectangle Area – records an area specified by the user
• Object/Window – records an object or one of the windows on the desktop
• Active Window – records the active window on the desktop
• Full Screen – records the entire area of the desktop

Recording can be started from the program’s main window or by pressing the hotkeys. Each command for the AutoScreenRecorder (start, stop, pause, and cancel) has a designated hotkey, which can be seen on the main window.  Users also have the option to record the mouse pointer. The program also has mouse click effect options. This can be handy when recording demonstrations. There are options for both the left and the right mouse buttons. The mouse effects can display shapes (round square, square, and circle) in different colors. AutoScreenRecorder also comes with a timer. Users can set the delay in seconds before the program starts recording. The program comes with a comprehensive help file that guides users through the steps in using the program.