AutoSave Essentials

Avanquest Software (Shareware)

AutoSave Essentials is a program that was released in 2008 by a company called Avanquest Software. This helps computer users when it comes to the generation of backup files. This program works with different types of documents carrying various file extensions. It can be configured to automatically save one's essential computer files. Manual saving options are also available, aside from the automatic option.

What the AutoSave Essentials program does is create duplicates of existing files. These are then saved in a specific folder that has been chosen by the user. If the computer system does crash, the user can rely on the one-click data restoration provision of the program. The user interface is basic. The program is extremely user-friendly. The user is prompted on where to save the generated file duplicates. After this, the user is prompted on which files to save. Several copies of each file can be created and stored by the application. Finally, all of the copied files are protected and restore points are created. When the system crashes, the user simply has to click one button to retrieve of the important files that have been duplicated. It is possible to save files on the same hard drive or on external disks depending on what is most convenient for the user. Files can also be saved on storage websites if preferred. Some of the commonly backed-up files under this program include:

• Text documents
• Video files
• Music files
• Image files
• Emails