AutoRun Pro Enterprise II 6.0

Longtion Software Inc. (Shareware)

AutoRun Pro Enterprise II is an autorun creation and generation tool developed and published by Longtion Software, Inc. This application is used for creating and editing an autorun interface. It is also  used for generating CD and DVD autorun files. This enables users to create custom autorun menus, multimedia applications, custom software, and interactive presentations. The program provides a point-and-click (WYSIWYG) environment that offers a visual drag-and-drop support for adding content like photos, buttons, texts, and others.

AutoRun Pro Enterprise II offers 31 objects in its interface. These include UserPassword, RadioButton, Panel, TabSheet, Splitter, MediaPlayer, and more. These objects can be added to the project. Aside from objects, the program also provides Events (i.e. Application events, Object events, and Page Events). These events are used to determine how the autorun project can be used. There are also the Actions functions, which determine how each of the objects and elements in the autorun project can be accessed or used. Aside from the WYSIWYG interface, the program also provides a Project Wizard. This feature provide a step-by-step guide in creating and generating an autorun project. The Project Wizard is composed of eight steps. A Created project can also be tested first before being generated. The program provides a test tool for this function.