Syndk8 (Proprietary)

AutoPligg is a search engine optimization (SEO) tool developed by Syndk8 that is designed for one-way link building. This application assists users in creating links for more Web traffic, making pages rank to the top of search engine results. Search engines rank sites depending on the number of external sites that link to them. With this tool, link builders will not have to spend lots of time and financial resources working on having external links point to their sites. This is extremely useful for those working with competitive keywords or search terms.

This tool automates the promotion tasks link builders do on a daily basis. Users can register an unlimited number of accounts and post as many stories as they want, as well as leave comments on different sites. This application works with Pligg, a social voting site. Owners of Pligg-enabled sites solicit links and stories from other users, who in turn have Pligg sites of their own that also need backlinks. AutoPligg functions to assist users in submitting to thousands of Pligg sites automatically, saving on time. In turn, the user’s website will also be listed on other sites. As a result, search engines will see that there are plenty of sites referencing the user’s, so the user’s site will be ranked on the search engine results accordingly.