Autoplay Menu Designer 1

Visual Designing (Shareware)

Autoplay Menu Designer is a utility that allows users to create appealing and interactive autorun menus for installation discs, multimedia content in flash drives, and other media. The program comes with a Build Project wizard that assists users in designing menus. Users can choose from a wide range of professional layouts and actions. Knowledge in programming is not required so it can be used by novice users and seasoned programmers alike.

There are three steps to make in designing an autoplay menu. The first involves selecting a layout for the project; users can choose from several ready-to-use templates available in the application. In addition, users can also configure the settings to specify the folder to be used for the Disc Image and the action that will be done when the disk once it is inserted into the computer system. The next step is project editing. Users can add shapes, text, buttons, and hyperlinks to the autorun menu. This is also where users define actions for each element when the mouse cursor hovers over the object or clicks on it. The last step is packaging the project for use on a CD-ROM. The final menu file includes a folder with the project’s resource files, autorun.dat, and a standalone AutoPlay Menu player.