AutoPlay Menu Builder 7.0

Linasoft (Shareware)

Autoplay Menu Builder is a graphic tool used in creating digital menus for DVDs and CDs. The software enables users to do different types of commands, such as opening documents, running applications, streaming videos, and displaying images all in one window.  Users can change designs and add animated effects like fade out, fade in, and splash screen in the main menu. Other programs like Internet Explorer, Windows media Player and Flash Player can be embedded in the menu. New versions of Autoplay Menu Builder support new features like HTML Label controls, Music Player controls, and PDF Viewer controls. HTML Label controls support tagging commands. The music player controls enable users to control skin compatibility of Winamp2. The PDF Viewer controls allow user to view PDF files easily which can be hidden while using the program.  Once a project is done, the user can perform an initial test to run the digital menu. This enables users to evaluate projects before burning into storage disk. Files can be saved easily since the “Save As” option is now available in all menus.

The application has a user-friendly interface where user can easily learn about and control the program. It has a security feature that provides protection for the window menu that prevents users to access it without a password.