Autopano Pro

Kolor (Proprietary)

Autopano Pro is an application developed by Kolor that is used to create top quality panorama in a short period of time. A high quality panorama is composed of multiple photos compiled as one image.  These photos have no specific boundaries and taken in different phasing. The application has the capability to detect multiple photos that have similar features. In this manner, Autopano Pro searches the directory automatically for similar images that can be used for making a panorama.  After the selection process, the application can rearrange these photos and fix uneven surfaces to make these photos look like a single image. The program has a built-in photo editor that can adjust the photo’s sharpness and brightness.  Stitches of photos can be improved manually by adjusting and deleting points in overlapping areas. This editing tool can also be used to fix bent surfaces and weird forms to create perfect links between images. The image editor is used to retouch tone layers in order to have a good panorama.

The program offers online technical support published in the Kolor main website. The help section provides information on how to use the program and how to apply graphic designs in artworks. Users may also access program videos for additional information.