Autopano Giga

Kolor (Shareware)

Autopano Giga is an image stitching application developed by Kolor. It is specifically designed to create panoramic images from multiple pictures. The application provides different panoramic projections such as Panini, Little-Planet, Mirror Ball, Orthographic, Hammer, and more. The program supports several image formats for input including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, RAW, and more.

The program’s interface is designed to provide users immediate access and view to the available functions. The interface is divided into three sections – Toolbar, Groups, and Panoramas. The Toolbar section displays the important features of the program while the Groups section is used for managing the input images before creating the panorama image/s. The Panorama section is used for managing the imported or created panoramas. It also allows users to edit and/or render the images.

Autopano Giga also features a separate window for editing panoramas such as selecting projections, changing images/move mode, masking tool, control points editor, and more. The Panorama Editor provides basic and specific tools for editing panoramic images. Some of the basic editing features include zoom, display, and move while specific features include vanishing point, grid, and preview. Aside from this, the application also provides an information window that displays information, history, and parameters of the selected editing tool. There is also the layers editor, which is used for classifying images based on different criteria. This is also where users can add or delete photos.