Automatic Wallpaper Changer 4.11.2

Steve Murphy (Shareware)

Automatic Wallpaper Changer is an application that automatically changes a desktop’s wallpaper according to user specifications. Numerous varieties of image formats may be used with the program.

The application has an assortment of options in wallpaper modification. They may also be free of charge or need to be purchased. Program interface is user-friendly and installation process is uncomplicated. Ease of use is provided since changing wallpapers simply require image folders to be added or selected, choosing preferred wallpaper position on one’s desktop, and specification of how long an image is kept displayed on the monitor. Displayed images may also be filtered according to file name, date, or size. The Resizing menu contains transparency level adjustment, image opacity, image tiling, and numerous image stretching functions such as full screen, worst fit, or best fit. The application’s Image Effects feature contains customizations in terms of picture frame application, embossing, contrast, brightness, and inversion. Other program functions include timer restart or continuation from most recent pause, desktop clearing, manual background alteration, and Preferences window access. Specific file to be used as a wallpaper can be accessed via the Preferences window. A different background image apart from wallpaper image may also be designated using the program.