Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. (Shareware)

Developed by Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd. and released under Novation Music, the Automap Server GUI is a system utilities application that comes with all devices and controllers sold by Novation. The purpose of this piece of software is to enable those who use Novation devices to have access to a registry entity. This registry entity will then enable automatic program restarting whenever the system is rebooted. Apart from this, there is an automatic updating component that is also provided to program users. This is an application that works best on Windows powered computers.

About 20 files come with the AutomapServerGUI bundle. It primarily acts as the control software for Novation devices. It is compatible with all types of Novation controllers and provides users with a more user-friendly not to mention streamlined workflow system. It helps control the plug-ins that most MIDI controllers cannot handle. This makes it easy on the user to assign controls as necessary when working with music generating software.

This particular piece of software removes all problems and frustrations that may arise when it comes to plug-in control. It makes MIDI controller knobs and sliders fully functional and dependable. Instead of experiencing difficult challenges while working the board, users can assign the necessary hardware controls and manipulate software parameters with ease.