AutoIt v3 Compiled Script

Jonathan Bennett & AutoIt Team (Freeware)

AutoIT 3 is a program that enables users to create automation scripts or macros for various windows applications. Automation scripts are coded instructions that make use of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement, and window control used in performing actions in the user’s operating system. AutoIT 3 makes use of a BASIC-like language, in order for non-programmers to manage the creation of automation scripts. These automation scripts could be compiled and compressed into a standalone executable file, which allows users to use their automation scripts for other computers. However, these executable files can only be applied if the computer has AutoIT 3 installed in its system. AutoIT 3 allows users to write their own scripts, or to edit the program’s pre-existing scripts. This program provides several pre-written automation scripts in its database. AutoIT 3 is utilized to create utility software for Microsoft Windows, and automate regular tasks such as website monitoring, network monitoring, disk defragmenting, and data backup. This program is also used for creating game bots, or programs that automates the action of the player’s game character.

AutoIT 3 features a simple interface that is similar to the user interface of basic scripting programs. The program window is mainly comprised of a scripting sheet with line numbers, and basic controls used to open files, save a project, copy, paste, and edit, and search for a particular script segment or line number. Auto 3 also has a testing panel where users may sample their automation scripts. This section contains tabs used for viewing window, control, visible text, hidden text, status bar, toolbar, mouse, etc.