Chris Mallet (Freeware)

AutoHotkey_L is a program that enables users to customize their input device such as a keyboard, mouse, or joystick. This program contains features such as a quick-start tutorial for new users, and an automatic script writer that records the user’s keystrokes and mouse click actions. AutoHotkey_L allows users to automate any type of action in the computer using keystrokes and mouse clicks. With his program, users can launch applications, open documents, work with the clipboard, make program windows transparent, customize the system tray menu and icons, configure registry, and configure sound card settings. AutoHotkey_L is also capable of combining different keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and joystick movements to make hotkey shortcuts in performing actions in the computer. In addition to these, AutoHotkey_L allows users to override or disable the default Windows shortcut keys such as Win+R, Win+E, and Alt+Tab.

AutoHotkey_L features a simple user interface that appears as a text editor where users can type in scripts used in setting hotkeys with the keyboard, mouse, or joystick. This program minimizes into the system tray when closed, and can be accessed by double clicking its icon on the system tray. Users can also generate a quick menu by right clicking the program icon in the system tray.