Chris Mallett, Steve Gray (Bundled)

AutoHotkey is an application for automating repeated tasks. It enables users to make changes to a user interface by specifying hotkey commands. Scripts created with the application can be used for different computer tasks, such as opening programs, opening files, control variables, etc. Users can create a keyboard or mouse macro with the application. A macro is a set of actions that are carried out when the user presses on a hotkey or hotkey combination. Macros can be created manually or with the AutoScriptWriter that is built-in with the software. With the application, hotkeys can be created for the keyboard, the mouse, and even a joystick.

One of the main features of the application is hotstrings and auto-replace. This feature allows users to type in an abbreviation on the keyboard that will be replaced as a full phrase on the computer (btw appears as by the way). Additionally, users can also create custom interfaces, menus, and forms with the application. Other features of the AutoHotkey program are:

• Change the attributes of a window
• Work with registry and INI files
• Override existing shortcut keys
• Change the settings of the soundcard
• Monitor the system

A comprehensive guide for using the program is available on the application’s website.