Autograph 3.3.10

Eastmond Publishing Ltd. (Shareware)

Autograph is a dynamic program designed to serve as a teaching tool for secondary and college level mathematics. Using virtually linked objects, the program aids in the visualization of geometric problems. It operates in three modes: 1D mode for Statistics and Probability, 2D mode for Graphing, Coordinates, and Bivariate Data, and 3D mode for Graphing, Coordinates, and Transformations. It comes with an on-screen keyboard that guides users on the keyboard commands and functions that they can use in the Help and Training option. Its user interface enables users to perform basic to advanced functions for all kinds of geometric and statistical solutions.

Autograph's 1D mode generates data and statistics from probability distributions. It creates a representation of encoded data that are transformed into a data set. Representations range from histograms, dot plots, and line graphs to steam and leaf and cumulative frequency diagrams. On the other hand, the program supports various probability distribution forms including Binomial, Geometric, Normal, and Poisson, among others. Contrariwise, the 2D mode allows users to come up with interactive objects using moveable plots, conics, shapes, and polynomials. This mode also supports integral calculus and differential calculus. Finally, its 3D mode works well in making shapes, identifying vectors, and generating equations based on three-dimensional objects.