AutoFLAC v 1.0 Beta 3

Jared Breland (Freeware)

AutoFLAC is a script that speeds up the back-up and restoration of music files. It automates the process by working with the software "Exact Audio Copy" and using the FLAC media format. Exact Audio Copy is a free software that can rip CDs. With AutoFLAC, Exact Audio Copy's capability has been expanded so that it can now restore music files and even create a backup of them. Furthermore, it has a graphics user interface-based conversion process. It acts a substitute to Exact Audio Copy's DOS interface.

AutoFLAC can rip multiple discs at once. It can detect if the disc is part of a set, such as a 2-disc album of an artist. If this is the case, the program can renumber and retag the disc and the music files and ensure that they are saved in the same album directory. The program can also check data on any audio CD if it is present. Data are usually bonus materials that can only be viewed on a computer. Album directories created usually follow the format: Base\Genre\Artist\Album. The CUE sheet has its file name prepended with 00-.

AutoFLAC informs the user of any changes that can be made before proceeding. These are "Extract Options", "Disc Options", "AutoFLAC Rip Options", "Program Options", and "Write Options".