AutoExit 2009 for Windows Home Server 2011

ASoft.Be (Proprietary)

AutoExit is a system utility designed by ASoft.Be and released on 2010. The program is a shutdown tool developed to work with the latest versions of Windows Home Server. The program enables users to preset shutdown times for the server. Users can also shutdown and reboot the system using the program, instead of the native shutdown or restart command. The program also offers Wake on LAN feature enabling users to wake servers connected by network after hibernating. The program allows users to place the machine on sleep, log off, lock, hibernate, or shut down.  The software also supports sending messages between machines, as well as setting timeout schedules. The program can control the commands to work on some machines or all machines simultaneously.  

The AutoExit GUI may be accessed from the Windows Home Server Console. Under ASoft  AutoExit, users will be able to see all the machines connected to the server. Machines are listed with their corresponding description, IP address, Connection Status, and MAC address. Context menu through right click displays the different commands that can be set for the machines. These commands include Shut Down, Reboot, Cancel, Wake on LAN, Remote Desktop, Send Message, Send Message to all clients, Shut Down All, Wake All, Hibernate, Log off, Lock Workstation, and Edit MAC Address.