AutoDialogs 2.7.184

MetaProducts corp. (Shareware)

AutoDialogs is a program developed in order to provide fast and easy access to folders that are most frequently used. Computer users are often faced with the time-consuming task of opening a number of folders that are used very frequently. AutoDialogs makes file access very quick and convenient. The latest version boasts of improved features such as a more detailed tutorial, improved menu organization, and a revised properties dialog.

With AutoDialogs, users can insert selected folders into the pertinent dialog boxes. In just two clicks with the system tray menu or one keystroke with a hot key that has been pre-assigned, navigation to the desired folder is easily facilitated. AutoDialogs is the creation of MetaProducts Corp.

This utility is a 32-bit program intended for Window 1995, Windows 1998, Windows NT and Windows XP. Access is granted to the most often used folders in folder dialogs such as Save As, Open, and Browse. This works equally well in Windows 2000 Professional, Office 95, Office 97, and Office 2000 dialog boxes. This works with Registry Editor and Windows Explorer as well.

The upgrades that have been made to this program include support for Power Archiver 2011. Support for Salamander file manager is provided to the user as well.