Autodesk Volo View Express

Autodesk, Inc. (Proprietary)

Autodesk Volo View Express is a standalone program that serves as a file viewer for AutoCAD files. These files are created with a computer-aided design program and include two- and three-dimensional models. Most AutoCAD files can only be viewed using the program that was used to create them. Especially in the case of those viewing the final model or the finished product, this can be quite a hassle. In order to solve such a conundrum, the developers at Autodesk Inc. came up with the Autodesk Volo View Express application. When this program is installed on a computer system, it allows the user to view an assortment of AutoCAD files with ease.

These files are often saved using different file extensions but this is not a problem because the Autodesk Volo View Express is compatible with them. There is even no need to launch the Autodesk Volo View Express prior to viewing since it will instantly be triggered when an AutoCAD file is opened. This particular program has an added feature. It can also convert standard AutoCAD files into readable and edit-ready PDF files which can be manipulated easily by the end-user. The viewer may be run from computers that do not have any CAD program installed.