Autodesk MotionBuilder

Autodesk (Shareware)

Autodesk MotionBuilder is a program that enables users to create character animations in 3D. This program is used in motion capture, traditional keyframe animation, and virtual production, primarily in the fields of game development, film, multimedia projects, and television production. It allows users to refine 3D data and manipulate these easily to create animations that are rendered exactly according to the specifications. Users can play back and edit captured animations as well. The program is designed for advanced 3D users but may be easily learned by novices who want to try animating in 3D.

The program comes with a fast, real-time 3D engine that lets users see the changes as they are made. It makes use of ragdoll physics, provides facial and skeletal animation, and a professional video broadcast output. It is also equipped with productivity-geared workflows so users can take on high-volume projects and accomplish these in a short time. These workflows include:

• Live device support that enables users to do live data recording directly to disk
• Availability as a 64-bit executable file for Linux operating systems, for teams and users working on multiple platforms
• Unified nondestructive and nonlinear editing environment
• Character technology using full-body inverse kinematics with animation retargeting for a smooth character movement