Autodesk Inventor Series/Professional

Autodesk, Inc. (Freeware)

Autodesk Inventor Series/Professional is a CAD design software developed by Autodesk. It was first released on September 1999. This software is especially developed to aid users in designing 3D digital prototypes for use in the visualization, design, and simulation of all types of products. It specializes in three-dimensional mechanical design prototypes.

Autodesk Inventor Series/Professional features an integrated motion simulation environment coupled with an assembly stress analysis environment. Users can run dynamic simulation tests to check for real world behavior and reactions upon input of some conditions. Users may specify friction characteristics, dynamic components, or driving loads, to see the effect on the prototype. These simulation tools assist users in determining weak points, optimizing weight and strength, and reducing vibrations that may be detrimental to the design. Data gathered from simulation tests may also be used to reduce energy consumption and optimize prototype size. The program also offers a Finite Element Analysis tool that tests every design component for performance under stress. The software also features a Parametric Studies and Optimization technology that enables users to test and modify design parameters for the most optimized performance, within the assembly stress environment itself.

Autodesk Inventor Series/Professional has specific file formats for different design elements including IAM for assemblies, IDW or DWG for drawing views, and IPT for parts. It provides input and output support for DWG and DWF format. However, it features a Building Information Modeling Exchange tool that enables users to output simple 3D representations in native file formats for other AutoCAD programs.