AutoClickExtreme Application

Sher-Khan-Soft (Shareware)

AutoClickExtreme is a program used for automating user actions that are always performed on the computer. It does this by monitoring the user’s computer activities, specifically the key strokes and mouse movements. It then analyzes the actions together with the images on the screen so that it can recreate the tasks done. Users do not have experience in programming to create a macro with the application.

The program comes with a built-in recorder that monitors the user’s activities. On the application’s main window, users can see the analysis for each recording. The action type, EXE name, main window, child window, and even the key coordinates will be displayed. Actions that were recorded can then be replaced at random, or it can also be replayed in a sequence the user specifies on the playlist. With the program’s Smart Control feature, users will be able to open programs, launch websites, and also operate the clipboard.

Here are the other features of the AutoClickExtreme program:

• Saves time when doing common tasks on the computer
• Support for setting hot keys for any task recorded by the program
• Users have complete control over applications on the computer
• Simple and easy to use for both novice and advanced users