AutoCAD Mechanical 2014

Autodesk, Inc. (Proprietary)

AutoCAD Mechanical is computer assisted design (CAD) software that enables users to design models of mechanical components. This program is part of the AutoCAD family of design software used to create 2D and 3D design models of various objects such as furniture, machinery, mechanical parts, vehicles, aircraft, and structures such as buildings, bridges, houses, and many more. AutoCAD Mechanical focuses more on creating models of mechanical components. This program is widely used by professionals such as mechanical engineers, and machinery manufacturers in creating a detailed schematic of a particular mechanical component. AutoCAD Mechanical provides tools used in automating mechanical engineering tasks, digital prototyping, generating machine components, dimensioning, and creating bills of material. Users can create their own machine parts or use predesigned machine parts and standard-based tools available in the program’s mechanical library.

AutoCAD Mechanical contains various features new enhancements to provide users with solutions to 3D mechanical modeling. This program has a section view that provides full control of cutting plane, section depth, part inclusion and exclusion, hatching, as well as annotations. The program’s detail view allows users to easily manipulate shape, scale, and annotations is their design project. Users can also select multiple dimensions, enabling them to inset symbols, add or manipulate fits and tolerances, add prefix or suffix text, and modify precision of different variables. In addition to these, AutoCAD Mechanical provides updates to its JIS and DIN content libraries.