AutoCAD LT 2013 - English

AutoDesk (Shareware)

AutoCAD LT 2013 – English is a 2D drafting application for computers running on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. With this application, users can create two-dimensional CAD drawings that may be edited and shared with other users easily. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools for social collaboration and the ability to connect designs to realistic environments. It also has geolocation capabilities and allows users to use live maps in their designs. This application comes with a coordinate system library to integrate the live maps in the drawings. In addition to these functions, this application has the following features:

• File Tabs – these tabs provide users with a quick way to switch between drawing tasks, so there is no need to close a project when opening a new one.
• Associative arrays – users can easily establish and maintain relationships between objects that are arrayed.
• Design Feed – this feature contains the tools needed to allow users to do collaborations with project team members.
• Intelligent Command Line – this interface includes synonym and adaptive suggestions, autocomplete, as well as an autocorrect function. It also allows users to do a search in mid-string.
• Connectivity with Autodesk 360 – AutoCAD LT 2013 can integrate directly with Autodesk 360’s cloud-based services, providing users with the ability to view, store, and share their 2D creations in the cloud.