AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

Autodesk, Inc. (Shareware)

AutoCAD is a graphics software known for its capability in helping architects, engineers, drafters, and developers create plans for infrastructures.  It is a useful tool for everyone who is into construction, design, and management of buildings, bridges, and other development projects.  Autodesk, Inc. the software company that develops the program, further enhances the capabilities of AutoCAD in its latest release of AutoCAD Civil 3D, geared for those working in land development projects, as well as those who are engaged in water or transportation projects.  

AutoCAD Civil 3D has features that help developers in all areas of construction, include land survey, analysis, design, drafting and documentation, visualization, and collaboration and data management.  Using land survey data, they can create visuals of terrains, make earthwork calculations, build digital 3-dimensional models, and more.  

Additionally, AutoCAD Civil 3D lets engineers study pipes and water pressures, create models of sanitary pipe layouts, consider elevations, slopes, and other important factors related to setting up an efficient water network.  Furthermore, the software can help create designs for new roads as well as perform the more difficult task of road reconstruction and rehabilitation.  

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a tool that greatly helps builders in constructing infrastructure with less expense, both with regards to budget and safety.