Auto Power-on & Shut-down

Lifsoft,INC (Shareware)

Auto Power-On & Shut-Down is used for scheduling the automatic shut-down and power-on of a computer. It enables users to specify a time and date for the computer to turn on or turn off. This can be done with the task scheduler feature. Aside from shutting down and turning on the computer, users can also make use of the software for opening files, running applications, closing programs, launching websites, and playing sounds at any given time. The scheduler can also be used to resume the system from hibernation or sleep mode.

Other features of the Auto Power-On & Shut-Down software include the following:
• Synchronize the computer’s time with an atomic clock server
• Automatically log on to the computer
• Playback keyboard and mouse macro
• Control computer after resuming from a power-off state
• Play audio files at any specified time as alarm

The application’s interface is simple. The main window consists of two tabs – Scheduled Tasks and Options. Under Scheduled Tasks, users can view all the tasks that will be performed by the computer. All pending tasks have a ‘Waiting’ label. Under the Task Schedule window, users can set the Task Title, the start time, and the task to be done (terminate process, open URL, power-on, update schedule, shutdown, restart, etc). The program can also be launched from the Windows Start menu.