Auto Mouse Click Software Utility 1.1 (Freeware)

Auto Mouse Click is an application used for automating the mouse clicks on the computer. Through this application, there is no need to physically click the mouse button to execute a command. The program will do the clicking for the user. This software can be used when there is program that requires a certain action but the user is not or will not be available to use the mouse.

To start automating mouse clicks, the user only needs to define the coordinates where the automatic clicks will be performed. The user can also specify that the mouse cursor go back to where it came from after performing automatic clicks. These mouse clicks can be recorded. When saved, the user creates a script file containing the actions of the mouse. The script can then be saved on a specified folder.

Auto Mouse Click can be installed on the computer by running the downloaded utility file. After that, the settings can be defined. After defining the coordinates, the user can specify the type of click that must be performed. For example, the user may only want to automate the left clicks, the right clicks, or the scroll function. Hotkeys can also be assigned.