Auto Hide IP

AutoHideIP.Com (Shareware)

AutoHide IP is a program that hides the computer’s IP address, allowing users to surf the Internet anonymously. Hiding the system’s IP address protects the user’s identity and lessens the chance of being hacked. The program’s main interface is simple. Upon launching the program, users can view their IP address and location on the main window. Other information can be seen by clicking on the ‘Check IP Info’ button. The bottom part of the main screen shows three buttons – Hide IP, Choose IP country, and Settings. Users can set a fake location from the Choose IP Country menu. The program can also be set to change the IP address in set intervals. Once a fake IP country location has been selected, users can view the fake IP and the real IP at the top portion of the window.

AutoHide IP can automatically run as soon as the computer starts. The application can also check for updates automatically. Under the Settings window, users can choose the web browsers to use with the program. It supports Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Send anonymous emails
• Choose from a list of IP countries
• Access restricted message boards