Auto FX Software, Mystical Lighting

Auto FX Software (Proprietary)

Mystical Lighting and Ambiance is a set of photo-editing programs comprising a graphic-centered suite developed by Auto FX Software. It has numerous visual effects that can be integrated into stock photographs and other user-created images. These effects include organic shadows and lighting, shading, and weather conditions like haze, fog, and rain. The parameters of these effects can be extensively customized with the variety of options in the user-friendly graphical interface for highly-detailed enhancements that are also photo-realistic.

Various conditions, such as smoke and sleet, can also be created and combined. The ease of use of the interface allows the user to brush on or brush off single or combined effects. A proprietary T-Path system, which makes use of one line segment perpendicular to the other, permits the user to control the placement of lighting and shading precisely, after which said effect/s can be incorporated into the “scene” seamlessly. Light beam settings and atmospheric settings can be manipulated via the T-Path.

Layering of multiple effects and the control of each are also boosted by the organization of options in the user interface. The “Select Effect” menu gives the user easy access to the variety of effects available and extensive control over the multiple options for each effect.