Auto Clicker by 1.3 (Shareware)

MurGee Auto Clicker is a simple tool that can be used to automate mouse clicks on a user-defined location on the screen. It has a single window and simple user interface with various configurable options.

It features two ways on setting the location for the automated mouse clicks: click on the specified fixed location or click when the mouse cursor is present. A fixed location can be entered manually by providing the X and Y coordinates or by simply clicking on a location from the screen. Users can set delays manually or randomly between mouse clicks. They can assign keyboard shortcuts for starting or stopping mouse clicks. They can set the number of mouse clicks to automate. Entering 0 as the number of clicks will cause the application to click indefinitely until it is stopped. Users can also specify the behavior of the mouse clicks. Users can allow the application to click only when the mouse is not used in an amount of time. It can also begin the clicking process depending on what mouse button (left, right and middle) was used.

These mouse commands can be saved in an output file for later use. It can be easily learned by novice users. It can be easily be hidden to the system tray. Lastly, the application is lightweight and does not require a lot of system resources to do its job.