Auto Clear History

AutoHideIP.Com (Shareware)

Auto Clear History is a software application that allows user to easily clean the entire browsing history of a user’s computer, including both online and offline activities. It is developed by the company Auto Hide IP and was released in April of 2010. Since a typical computer keeps track of all of a user’s activities on the computer – word processing, Internet browsing, and video viewing among others – other users who will use the same computer will have a means of knowing about these activities. Through this program, the user can protect what s/he has viewed on the Internet, what files have been opened, and what programs have been run – in both the distant and recent past.

Apart from browsing history, Auto Clear History also empties a computer’s cache of temporary files, cookies, and saved passwords. It also deletes the contents of the recycle bin, recently opened files and clear up the clipboard content. Moreover, it supports a host of well-known programs such as Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yahoo, and Windows Media Player. The simple and sleek user interface features six buttons at the left side, the first one being “Clear History Now”. The ticker boxes at the center gives the user a choice of what kind of content s/he wants deleted.