Auslogics File Recovery

Auslogics (Shareware)

Auslogics File Recovery is a recovery type of application developed and released by Auslogics. The main function of this software is to retrieve deleted, lost, or removed data from any storage device. This application can be useful to recover accidentally deleted files or files overwritten by another file. The retrieval process works by identifying the individual sectors of storage that have been marked by the computer. This mark is the real process behind the deletion of a file. The computer doesn’t really erase the file but rather marks the sector that the file to be deleted occupies. This is why this application works; it reverses the process by identifying the marked sectors and restoring most recent content. Although file recovery is not perfect because there’s no guarantee that the file recovered is complete to its last byte, it gives users a chance to recover important files that have been accidentally deleted.

Auslogics File Recovery’s key feature is that it can recover any file. It is also able to create an image of the computer’s disk, wipe disk space clean, and preview files before recovering them. It also supports any type of drives or storage devices, securely erases files immediately, offers a customizable search system, and has a data restoration function for lost partitions.