Aurora Media Workshop Application 3.4.47

Aurora Software (Shareware)

Aurora Media Workshop is an application used for managing multimedia files. It is divided into three sections – CD and DVD, Video, and Audio. All these three are located at the left pane on the main window. There are several tools under each category:

• Video – Some of the video tools included in the program are for joining short videos to form a longer video, splitting a long video to shorter ones, and extracting audios and images from the video. There is also an option for creating a video out of several still images.
• Audio – There are three tools under the audio category. The first one is for recording sound or music. The second one is for converting audio files to different formats. The third tool is used for ripping audio files from CDs.
• CD and DVD – Under the CD and DVD category, users have the option to burn three types of discs – audio disc, video disc, or data disc.

Apart from the three main sections, a fourth section is added to help users utilize the tools of the program. The Help section consists of help content (covers several topics), a guide for getting started on the program, and mail support.