Aurora 22.0a2

Mozilla Corporation (Freeware)

Mozilla Firefox Aurora is an extension channel of Mozilla Firefox browser. This upgrade version of Mozilla Firefox is a freeware that enables user to enjoy full license of the program. The application has better performance in terms of browsing speed.  The interface of the browser has a bolder look compared with the older version. The menu button is located at the upper left corner of the window.  The menu option includes File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, and Help menu. Firefox Aurora has a tab feature that allows user to shift easily from one tab to another. This feature is best used when using multiple tabs at the same time.  Users can shift to a different tab by pressing CTRL+Shift+E. A Feedback button is located beside the address bar enabling users to send feedback about the software. Users can send reports regarding errors and can help in reducing and tracking bugs. Downloads from the most recent updates can be checked in the Help menu and then selecting the “About Aurora” option. Downloading and installing Adobe Flash plug-in is necessary to continue the update process of the system.

The Firefox Aurora can be used in tablets and mobile phones by installing the browser application to the device.