AudioRetoucher 1 (Shareware)

AudioRetoucher is an application that allows users to modify the tempo, speed, treble, and pitch of an audio track. Primarily used in music transposition, this application can also be used by singers who would like to change the key of their backing track to match they own singing voice. For example, a song in the D key can be retouched to play in A flat. It may also be used by DJs to make upbeat tracks, or to turn slow jams into danceable music. The application can also be used in creating funny sound effects and in slowing down dictations for easier transcription. Aside from MP3, the application also supports WMA, WAV, and FLAC files.

AudioRetoucher has the following main features:

• The interface user-friendly and all of the controls are clearly displayed. Files can be loaded suing the drag and drop method or the file browser.
• The BPM detector can count a song’s number of beats per minute so users can choose to slow it down or speed it up.
• Karaoke MP3+G support. Users who have a CDG file and the graphics of an audio track can use the application to merge the two to create a song to sing along to. The files can be adjusted to sync the lyrics with the music.
• Bass Boost and Treble Enhancer are used to amplify the low and the high frequencies of a track.
• Built-in audio player with an equalizer that allows users to adjust the volume, pitch, speed, and tempo.

Users trying out the application for the first time can use the program’s Help file as a guide in retouching their audio files.