Dester (Freeware)

Audiochecker is a program that inspects an audio file’s quality. Specifically, the application checks if the file is lossless. This task is important because the conversion of files may render these incomplete, or of reduced quality compared to the original high-quality files from which these were taken. It accomplishes this by inspecting the cutoff frequencies inherent in the file and shows the user the range of frequencies each file has. Audiochecker is a compact program – one that does not take up much space to store and system resources to run – that analyzes audio files in WAV, FLAC, SHN, APE, and LPAC formats. If these are found to be not lossless, the files in question may have actually been converted from lower-quality formats such as MP3.

This application has a simple interface built for ease of use. The layout is basic and well-organized so the user can easily select options and access the program’s features. Configuration is accomplished via the Options window, which allows the user to identify which file types to inspect, set the power options, include subdirectories, and place format analysis restrictions. Process priorities may be checked and the interface language changed, among a host of other capabilities. Audio may be added to the interface for checking via drag-and-drop, file browser, and folder view.