Audio Record Edit Toolbox Pro 12.8.5

Joaqium Varandas (Shareware)

Audio Record Edit Toolbox Pro is an easy to use audio toolkit meant for professionals. This utility is a combined recorder and editor that allows users to have complete control on all related functions, including mastering. One of the highlights of this program is the more than 30 audio filters and effects that may be implemented by the user.

The functions of Audio Record Edit Toolbox Pro include sound design, audio recording, restoration, CD creation, and mastering. With all this at hand, the user of this program can maximize the applications, which include fade, invert, delay, flange, amplify, echo and invert. This program also has a built-in Audio CD Ripper. This may be used to rip music files from any audio CD without having to launch another program.

Audio Record Edit Toolbox Pro’s filters have the capability to remove unnecessary sounds such as crackling, hissing, and roaring. This utility can also produce awesome musical tracks because it can easily blend a number of audio tracks. There is a built-in merger that can combine audio files seamlessly into one perfectly executed audio track.

Audio Record Edit Toolbox Pro can maintain the quality of the original audio track as it combines tracks made of a variety of formats, including OGG, WAV, WMA, and MP3. This utility can make use of these tracks without the need for recompression.