Audio Performer

PerformerSoft LLC (Shareware)

Audio Performer is an application that converts audio files from different file formats into a user’s devices. It allows audio files from different sources to be compatible with one’s devices and computer. It also allows one to have access and listen to a file through a device that is convenient to the user.

It is especially useful in the case of music and audio books. The audio/video codec library delivers quality conversion and is made available for one’s perusal. Batch conversion facility allows a number of songs to be converted in one swoop. File settings can also be customized in terms of its bitrate, size, and quality. The Audio editor feature allows one to restore damaged music tracks, and create numerous playlists and sound effects of different varieties. Any type of audio performance can be made by combining different sounds, or specific parts of songs with set volume, pitch, and tempo. Extended play version of songs can also be made. The user has the option to create professional quality audio performance instead of relying and paying an outside sound studio to create one. This application is especially helpful in producing high-quality audio performances and soundtracks for those with live performances or any event that entails the use of sound. It is especially valuable for musicians, filmmakers, and any person who subscribes to digital music. It is also ideal for such performances as Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, and Ice-Skating wherein sound plays an essential factor in the impact of the whole performance.