Audio Editor Deluxe 9.8.2

AudioEditorDeluxe Inc. (Shareware)

Audio Editor Deluxe is an audio application that allows users to edit audio files on their computers. In addition, the program can also be used to record any sound that is heard on the system. This includes online streaming music, sounds from the microphone, or audio from an input device, such as an instrument. The application supports all popular file formats including WAV, MPEG, OGG, WMA, and many others.

The program comes with different effects that can be applied to audio files. Effects can be previewed in realtime so users can hear them before applying them. Additionally, the application also gives users complete control over the audio parameters, which is ideal for those who have experience in audio editing. When editing audio files, users can display them in spectral mode, left and right channel views, or in waveform mode. The program also comes with its own tag editor, so users can add or edit audio information, such as the title, genre, album, and artist.

Other features of the application are as follows:

• Comes with 60 filters and 20 sound effects
• Has a text-to-speech feature that can convert documents to audio files
• Capable of extracting audio from a video
• Built-in audio joiner and splitter
• Supports mouse and keyboard shortcuts