Audio Converter 7.8

River Past Corporation (Shareware)

Audio Converter is a utility program developed by River Past that allows users to change the file types of their audio files stored in their computers. In addition to basic functions offered by the program, it also offers other features that are usually not present in other conversion applications. One such feature involves the ability to extract sound data from audiovisual files like movie clips. Extraction also allows users to edit the audio file using basic tools and save them into various audio file formats.

A notable functionality allows users to convert any audio file into a multitude of supported file types, which include MP3, AVI, and MPEG-4, to name a few. In addition, the utility also provides extensive support for converting audio saved in well-known format into types that are not commonly used, such as Unix Audio, AIFF, and the OGG container format.

Two versions of Audio Converter exist. The first is considered trial software, which can support conversion and extraction of audio files that are less than two minutes in length. The premium version allows users to record and convert tracks, audiobooks, and recorded voice of any length. Further customization of the target output file is also available, which means that the user can specify the bit rate, rate of compression, and channel resolution of the exported audio track.