Audio Comparer 1.7

Bolide Software (Shareware)

Audio Comparer is an application used for finding duplicate audio files in the computer. It does not only compare files using their file name, but also compares the sound data of audio files. It supports a wide variety of audio file formats including OGG, AAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, and many others. This eliminates the need for users to manually search for duplicate sound files in the system. It also frees up space that can be used by other applications and files.

The program listens to all the music in the user’s library and uses the data to compare the files with each other and find the duplicate files. Users can then choose between locating audio files that sound similar and audio files that are exactly the same. The application’s window will then display a list of files that are deemed similar or the same. Users can view the list on the left panel of the main window. The duplicates are displayed as well. It includes information, such as the file path, similarity, size, and date when it was modified. The bottom part of the main window has four buttons, which are Copy, Move, Remove, and Delete. This application does not clog up system resources.